Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

passages and trails

This morning I went to a synagogue in Plano, as a friend of mine had his bar mitzvah today. The folks at the synagogue were very friendly, and the service was lovely. After the service, we all dined on great Israeli food made by the father of the celebrant.

In the afternoon, my wife and I went to the Heard Natural Science Center and took a nice nature walk. We saw coots, ducks, turtles, cardinals, very vocal red-winged blackbirds, and redbud trees in bloom.

Texas Wetlands Turtles

Then we stopped by the mall, where everything was on sale, but we bought very little. We then took our dogs for a walk by the park pond, where we saw Canadian geese, mallard ducks, muscovy ducks, and a great blue heron.
Then we came home and ate sandwiches, and settled in for the evening.

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