Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

garland saga

Today I had lunch at Garland's "Beef House", a well-worn coffee shop of the variety that implies diner-food rather than latte'. When one enters this cafe, a sign says "non-smoking table available". I ordered the grilled chicken and vegetables, which proved delightful. The roll served with my lunch was very tasty. A sign just above the cash register said "press this button for the complaints department", with an arrow pointing at a little mouse trap. Then I adjourned to the Casa Linda Bakery, where I plunked down 1 dollar and 45 cents for this gingerbread man from the Casa Linda Bakery on Garland Road in Dallas:
Gingerbread Man from Casa Linda Bakery.

When the afternoon ended, I noticed that the rain had resumed. I made digital recordings of the water gurgling onto the parking lot from a gutter, and of the sound of the rain from inside my car. I will use those to make a "field recording" song to enter for potential use in a compilation at Earth Monkey netlabel.

We dined tonight on cheese ravioli and steamed asparagus. Then I watched part of the "The Devil Wears Prada" again, and relaxed.

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