Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Memories of Jalisco

Memories of Jalisco, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

I like that in Guadalajara the deposit on a soft drink bottle costs more than the fluid within the bottle. I enjoy carrying my orange soda in a plastic bag equipped with a straw, even if the bottle is slightly "greener".

In the center of Guadalajara, an old theater exists in which a ballet folklorico performs. As with most live events, a seat in the balcony proves a delightful way to take in the panorama of it all. People feel scornful sometimes about entertainments which appeal to tourists. I find that staged entertainments have their place--and it's fun to see folks dance the clog "dance of the old men" in a tap-tap-tap-abulation.

I could listen for hours to a really good mariachi band, and I could walk from mural to mural to mural to mural. I' d like to spend a Spring afternoon one day riding a bus to the Huichol museum, and learning to see anew in the yarn art those artisans make.

I enjoy the stories people tell us, like our friend from Jalisco who used to describe the thrills and travails of attempting to bring in the best tequila across the border. I like breakfast at a panaderia, using the tongs to put little baked goods on a metal tray to take to check-out.

If I could take three days and leave the workaday behind, and walk the streets of Guadalajara looking for a song, a sight or a soda, then I think I'd find my joy in quart buckets.


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