Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Korean BBQ celebration

This week marked one year since I began to participate in the Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring program. Today we returned to the Dalls World Aquarium we first visited one year ago.

We marveled at the toucans and tamarinds in the "rain forest" section. We enjoyed the aquarium tank of fish from Lord Howe's Island, as well as the jellyfish tank. We admired the penguin, some of whom swam, and others of whom enjoyed the temperate weather.

We then headed to the Dallas Museum of Art to see the Olafur Eliasson exhibit "Take Your Time". I enjoyed it just as much the second time through.

We went to Richardson, where a brand new Korean BBQ had opened. We cooked our own meal at our table, with ample help from
the waitperson, who explained all the dishes to my young friend. We enjoyed using lettuce leaves as sandwich bread for beef, chicken, rice, vegetables and bean sauce. I thought her very kind, as she replenished my kim chee portion often. "Better than a hamburger?", she asked--and indeed, it was better than a hamburger.


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