Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

29 years ago

I like people who are genuinely good folks. Fun Fong was one of those people when I was in college. A bright, friendly fellow, whom I only knew somewhat well but who was always kind to me.

Fun and I are now Facebook friends, and I love to read his stories about coaching his daughter's chess team. Recently, Fun posted some pictures from 1979, when he and I were both "senators" in our college campus' Summer Senate.

He graciously agreed I can post these elsewhere, so I post these pictures of me at age 19, in July 1979.

It's so cool that someone from college kept these pictures for nearly 30 years. This morning I had a great meeting at the local coffee shop prior to work with a cool person who shares my interest in alternative music distribution models. I don't often feel old, despite the fact that I will be fifty this Summer--but it did occur to me that about the time she was born, I was the person in the picture above.

Maybe time will surface more old photos. I love the way the world is full of unexpected images and secret histories.

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