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One endless unity

Crown of Thorns, originally uploaded by gurdonark.


We're planning our next trip for early April. I was delighted when my wife and our friend H. settled upon Charlotte, NC as the destination. NC is the kind of place I would typically choose for for a trip had I been doing the choosing myself--great nature scenery, great BBQ, reasonable prices and a very down-to-earth feel. I hope that we can visit the many botanical gardens there, as well as the dozens of potteries an hour away. I've already scoped out the local Audubon society webpage. I am not at all becoming a profound birder, being barely able to recognize the common backyard species, but I have developed the conviction that birders know where the nature fun can be found.

It will be fun to see Charlotte. Later this year, I hope we can visit Europe--not because it's a wonderful economy for it, but because I have endless air miles, which prudence tells me I should use while the airline in question is still operating.

It's very cloudy here, but very warm. A mockingbird took up residence atop our chimney, a harbinger, to me, of happy times to come. I found the misplaced overdue library book. What more can one ask of life?

I took a picture of the crown of thorn bloom in a faint light this morning, and then used to lighten and matte the picture.
I will "join" that service, I think, as its free features have been of such use, and it's much cheaper than buying photoshop.

I still have an afternoon left in my weekend--but something tells me a nap may be involved.


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