Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

icestorm prelude

January Revelation

As I type this, the winter storm creeps its way into Collin County, with the temperature dropping just as the rains accelerate. We closed the office early this afternoon to let everyone drive home before it arrived, but at nine p.m. it barely has begun its arrival. Fort Worth, to our west, has congested, iced roads. But we'll see if it really matters much to us.

Lately I have been more about twitter, facebook and than usual. But I love the way that every social medium has its own flavor. LiveJournal tastes different to me than the others.

My wife and I stopped by a candy store in the mall the other day. I thought of laruth's recent first visit from her home in Oz to the western USA when I saw it stocked exotic colors of M & M. I felt foiled when I bought a pack of candy cigarettes and they turned out to be candy cigarette-shaped chocolates.

I've been playing with my new 30 dollar camera, a 4 megapixel job that fits easily in a palm. All the manual's directions are in Mandarin, so that I have to guess what the symbols mean on the camera. Fortunately, the screen phrases are in English. I figured out that "hourglass goes on perpetual and display screen turns a pretty blue" means "battery needs a charge".

I had fun morphing my photo in a photo editor tonight. Today was Mozart day on the local classical station. I liked the Prague symphony, which certainly beat listening on the other public radio station to Mr. Ira Glass make me feel guilty for not yet pledging. I am attracted lately by the music of Gorecki. I must figure out which version of the 3rd symphony to buy.

I have a 14" long Meade rich field 2.4" telescope coming in the mail--an eBay purchase which cost shockingly little. I hope I can see craters--and kingfishers.

But tomorrow, perhaps I'll see ice.

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