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Yesterday we were on the verge of going to see the movie "Benjamin Button", when a friend of my wife's called and asked her to join a group going to see that film on Sunday afternoon. Then we drove down to Dallas to the Angelika Theater to see "Milk", which promptly sold out before we made it to the front of the line. We settled instead upon "The Wrestler". I found "The Wrestler" a fine film, which, but for some graphic scenes, could have been directed by Preston Sturges or Rod Serling. The faux scenes of faux violence proved very hard to view, but essential to the story. The three performances, by Mickey Rourke, Marisa Tomei, and Evan Rachel Wood, all impressed me very much. Mickey Rourke's entire acting career gained a justification for existence because his casting in the lead role was so perfect. Marisa Tomei always makes the most of her roles. It was good to see Evan Rachel Wood in another film rather than in a tabloid. I like movies about making choices, and the consequences of choices made.

This afternoon while my wife went to "Benjamin Button", I took my binoculars and went to nearby Erwin Park, in McKinney. This park's raison d'etre is mountain biking, but I like to go to the less traveled areas of the park to get away from it all. Although there were more bikers in the "back section" of the woods than usual, I was able to do a lot of birding. I saw lots of meadowlarks and lots of robins in the 60 degree weather.

I stopped in various stores on the way home, but bought only five dollars worth of merchandise. I was tempted to buy the eee netbook at Best Buy for only 199 dollars, as it might be good to have one to travel with rather than my somewhat bulky laptop. I decided to hold off. My search for the perfect discounted ultra-zoom camera continues. I believe that eventually I will find one on sale, and thus far I have been patient in seeking one.

I took our dogs for a walk around Glendover Pond. The same domestic goose continues to lead a gaggle of tame ducks and wild ducks in a multi-cultural communion of fowl. I had figured when the Fall began that the frequent mallard and wood duck visitors would ignore this rather uppity goose, but in fact they join his flock for a day or two, and then fly on. Bea and Ted enjoyed being petted by teens, who pronounced them cute.

Bea looked for bunnies and I looked at mockingbirds as we walked the very short way home.

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