Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Five things

Clementine World, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

1. My friend Him and the Drinks sent me zip files to all of his recorded music. I've begun downloading tonight. His style is this really fun electronic lounge, third law of robotics meets Roger-Moore-era James Bond. My mp3 player is going to be one happy camper.

2. I'm still waiting for Jamendo to moderate my album. I had noticed on the community forum there that a lot of newbies post anguished posts about waiting "for days (!)" for an upload to be moderated. I promised and promise not to agonize at all. It will moderate when it moderates, and then it will be released.

3. I must export my livejournal text somewhere, but I'm not going to jump ship from here unless the ship absolutely sinks. My guess is that when a Russian company acquired it, then a transition to Russia was merely a matter of time. But we'll see.

4. Lucas Gonze figured out a way to use goose to make mp3s posted on twitter play. This kind of thing amazes me, particularly as I don't understand how any of it really works.

5. I've been reading up on 18X digicams. Maybe. Maybe not. We''ll see.


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