Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

spiral wrench of avarice

Spiral Wrench of Avarice, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

A mournful warning greeted me when I visited a familiar website. Some months ago, the site had faced a challenge when a hacker embedded something malware-ish onto the page. The site cleaned out the problem, but mozilla now flashes a "warning" sign on the site. I wonder how many times people see me as having my own warning sign, based on some failure in the past. Probably not all that many--because I find that people are in general less worried about by others than worried about what others think.

Now is the season of the spiral wrench of avarice. The ghosts of greed past, present and future long for a little roast goose and perhaps a child's blessing, as things seem more blood diamond than gilt-edged these days. My own business is way up, which tells me something about the economy, as I am related to the condor in matters of economic feast and famine.

They say when you step on a sea urchin, it hurts more than a little. But the other proposition is also true--when you manage to avoid the urchin while snorkeling, then you feel a sense of blessed release--a feeling of a determined certificate of deposit investor or a devout bicyclist.

My thoughts these days go out to auto workers, to the unemployed,
to unwanted children, and to people and animals thrown into shelters by foreclosure. What I want for Christmas is the generosity to pitch in, at least a little.


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