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I have my political opinions, but so often I find that I am interested in the story of things. There's a small town southern tradition of visiting for the purpose of sharing stories. I don't live in a small town, and know the tradition more by memory than by experience. Yet the ghosts of visits past haunt me in the most delightful way--in the warm ghostland of imagination.

The news accordingly fires my sense of imagined conversations.
Imagine a world in which all of one's personal choices were greeted with the same pragmatic approval as President-elect Obama's choices for government. "That's a really pragmatic way he's managing his personal finances", they might say; or report, with an approving smile, that "he's governing his life from the middle of the road", or "these choices do indicate that prudent change, and not recklessness, is on offer". Pundits might applaud my fiscal sensibilties, while critics might lament that I am far too much my own man. There are worse things than to be a president-elect during the pre-inaugural honeymoon. It must be like living in an episode of "The West Wing" in which Kristin Chenoweth and Mary Louise Parker conspire together for your common good.

I've been enraptured by the European Space Agency daily release of incredible Creative Commons pictures from outer space. I'd love to see a similar set of sub-oceanic pictures, and of incredible protozoa pictures. Sometimes a cigar is not a cigar, but instead an incredible, Norelco-quality rotifer.

My fond hope is to go bird-watching this weekend. The weather seems to be cooperating. Now I must figure out which walk to take. I have decided that birding interests me because it is as much fun as fishing, but no creatures have to swallow hooks. I saw a kingfisher in Kansas this past holiday--I love this fairly common, but always lovely, bird.

I turned a library book in on time today. I am aiming to be a model citizen. Soon I will go for two in a row, as soon as I finish the 6th grade geometry book I checked out to help me with Logo sketching.

I love the sight of Jupiter, Venus and the Moon in the sky. I almost flagged down a co-worker pulling from our parking lot to point and say "Look! See!".

I'm starting to take stock of 2008. I got a lot of music done this year. But next year I want to do much more. I need to release more, to work on our netlabel more, and to reach out more. I need also to become more of an activist on this notion of sharing culture and a sharing economy.

December is always my busy work month, and this December is no exception. I'm enjoying the exultation of so much to do. I was listening on the radio to the play-by-play of the US Supreme Court's oral argument on whether clean water laws mean what they say. The world is full of interesting ideas--and law sets up all these analytical frameworks that appeal to the daydreamer in me.

Did you ever wish you had a brownie, but then realize all you have is granola? Me, too. Did you ever regret things you've said and then realized you can't unsay them and have to just go on? Me, too.


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