Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

After the Corporate Supernova

After the Corporate Supernova, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

I see a delicious irony in Wall Street lecturing the world for eight years on how to run a global financial system, while violating basic rules of risk underwriting which may well cause that same global financial system to completely implode.

I find tasty kibble in chewing over the latest Humane Society study that the pet store chain Petland claimed it bought pets for sale from reputable breeders, only to do just the opposite throughout the midwest. I find an extra dog bone in looking at the pet adoption web site Petfinder, which lists over 300,000 unwanted animals looking for adoption this holiday season.

My mental hybrid batteries are recharged wondering how they built so many refineries in 6 weeks, as the oil companies claimed when gas hit 4 dollars a gallon that the problem was in large part refinery-shortage-driven, and prices have now fallen below 1 dollar eighty cents. Those oil refinery builders must have been busy!

My hope is that they succeed in de-commercializing Christmas, because I want gingerbread men and pumpkin pie to be available all year long.

How to tithe: spend 10 percent less on gifts and on things for oneself, and send that 10 percent to food banks and animal shelters.

2009: the year of the bumpy ride. Plus, they stopped manufacturing the Yugo.


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