Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Computer Program in your browser

I am grateful to my Twitter friend Lopta for showing me a version of Logo that runs in one's browser.
Logo, of course, is the computer language developed to be so simple that a quite young child could learn it.

If you'd like to see a simple program run, then click to go here to:

this site

and then, in the right-hand box, enter this simple program:

repeat 40 [fd 150 rt 100 fd 130 rt 110 fd 120 rt 89]

and hit the button that says "run normally". Watch what happens!

Then, vary elements of the program to make your own, and share it, if you will, in the comments. [fd = forward, rt = right lt = left and the numbers after fd are length and after rt are angle]

My simple program,and yours, should all be placed into the Creative Commons, as part of a sharing experience.

Give it a whirl!
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