Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

daily routine in lower case

scales fell. eyes open logo programming language structure refreshed/remembered. cool drawing emerged. can spirograph-like sketches be far behind?

trip to detroit suburbs next week. interesting area. cold? wintery? working television? working high-speed internet? all is fine. maybe symphony, or something cultural, during an evening break.

need to do more continuing ed. horse law? on-line? really? how texan. irresistible. resolution: try to take fun mcle courses whenever possible.

christmas shopping for wife's niece. purplelicious--very cool. a book about pink. and purple. sequel to pinkalicious.

mailed 2 copies of chess poems for the tournament player to oxford, uk today. e-mail order out of the blue, more or less. even the smallest creative endeavor can bud and root.

concerned about the national economy. glad to have work to do. keeping ditch-digging arm in shape if needed.
right now would be a good-ish time for mr. hoover's good laugh.

trying to remember geometry for future virtual string-art. just as much color, fewer nails to hammer.

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