Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

fall color

My brother, who knows all matters computer-ish, came over last night and got my desktop computer working again. I still plan to take steps to reduce my vulnerability to this one CPU, but I am relieved not to lose my files. I am also pleased that I can get a few tasks done that I have had to postpone this week.

A fellow from the UK wrote me yesterday to order two copies of "Chess Poems for the Tournament Player". This little DIY bit of silliness has had a tortoise-like life of its own. It's hard to believe that it was almost nine years ago that I started writing it.

I fly to Los Angeles today for a quick hearing tomorrow. Week after next I have a four-day-stand in Detroit.
I travel much more this year than I expected to travel. It's fine with me, and even fun, but I have done enough business travel in my career to last a career.

We do not usually get much Fall color here, because warm weather usually means that leaves on individual trees turn colors one by one. This year,though, a quick freeze in October, fleeting though it was, has made for a lot of yellows and reds--simply delightful. Days are 70 degrees, with splashes of Autumn.

When I want to learn of a current event, sometimes I search to find tweets with relevant links in them.

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