Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

ubuntu gold

The thing about that King Tut fellow is that they sure spent a lot of money and energy on their royalty back then. Personally, after seeing all that gold pressed into service as sarcophagic splendiferous devices,
I'll take the Swiss Parliament any day, with its wood and simple stone contours.

I do like that gold is malleable. Things should be malleable. People should be malleable. Feelings should be malleable. Operating systems should be malleable. Even cacti should be malleable--but if you over-water them, they rot.

The local community of Farmers Branch is not malleable. They tried to pass un-sustainable local laws to exclude undocumented workers, at great cost and with resounding lack of success. A news article suggests that discovery in a slightly different legal case indicates that landlords exclude potential tenants based on visible tattoos or less conventional piercings or multiple earrings.

I have some sympathy with a fear of renting to putative gang tenants, but the idea that a tattoo or an extra piercing makes one automatically an undesirable or a gang member is a bit hard to understand. I have never pierced or tattooed anything, and would be rather unlikely to do so in the future. Yet surely that's a personal choice, and not an item affecting a residential tenancy. I suppose there might be a cachet--"I got a simple tattoo on my arm, and now I'm an OG", but it all eludes me a bit.

I found the Microsoft help site for Windows Service Pack 3. I am hopeful it will be able to help me, as the PC Restore did not restore but further crashed my system. Meanwhile, I am learning new words like Ubuntu and WINE and Linspire. If I were a cactus, I'd feel lovingly parched by a friendly sun.

I can hardly wait until my custom-designed holiday cards arrive in the mail. I can hardly wait until I can make music with my computer again. I can hardly wait until I can hear verian's music once more.
I am a frothy joy of hardly waiting.

Did you ever feel as if you were on the verge of a burst of learning and joy? That's how I feel now.

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