Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

baked dreams

I noticed that I made a duplicate entry, and then, through careful and attentive effort, accidentally erased the one with comments rather than the one without comments. I hate making this kind of error, especially when I worked to avoid making this error.

I also think that if the Magnetic Fields are/is going to come to town, the concert should be Saturday at 2 p.m., and not on a Monday night. On the other hand, I am better off finding netlabel material and reading a good book, in all likelihood, no magneto offense intended.

I did watch Chuck and Heroes on television tonight. I liked both, which, when coupled with a
930 point run-up in the stock market, made for a good day. I had a nice chat with an old friend who now lives in Kansas City. He loves it up there--and is seeing his first real Autumn in the mid-west now.

I feel as if I have a world of calls to make and e mails to write to stay in better touch with my little slice of the world. I also need to mail out some snail mail, just to show I remember how.

A fair bit of business travel looms in my near future. Good part: tons of flight time to read books that I might otherwise never get read. Bad part: it's a bit wearing, really.

My 30-day goal: to reinstall Windows Movie Maker, as it was easy to use until the file got corrupted.

My 60-day goal: to make as much progress on my upstairs room as I did Sunday on the downstairs.

Thank you to everyone who participated in my gingerbread poll. I would make you all each of your favorite kind(s), except that those who prefer no kind at all I would make instead something you'd like better.
But "would" must wait upon "when iguanas fly", as I doubt you'd want to eat my baking.

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