Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Sunny and Cool

Sunny and Cool, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

My niece and I started the day at Mimi's cafe, where we feated on oatmeal
and fresh fruit. Then we went to Paintin' Party in Plano, where we painted things. I painted a panel truck and a sunny face, while my niece did a dragon and a gecko. Her painting was nearly expert, while my painting was not expert.

We went to Firehouse Subs for sandwiches, and then we stopped by Goodwill,where we bought nothing, and Half-Priced Books, where we bought books.

Then my niece and my wife went to pedicures, while I relaxed and watched sports on television. In the late afternoon, my niece and I took kites to the park, where we got them to fly briefly. Then we all went to the Natatorium

The natatorium had a "dive in movie", in which they screened the movie "Enchanted" while people floated in floating things and watched. My wife and I did not swim, but let my niece have all the fun.

We stopped by an ice cream shop to complete her evening, and now we are relaxing, having had a fun day.


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