Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

day 3

Tuesday my dentist successfully performed the root canal. Although it is now Friday, I am still in moderate pain from the procedure. When I spoke to my dentist yesterday, he advised that this was within a range of normal. My hope remains that it will subside by the weekend. The pain is not acute, but a dull and palpable ache. I am certain there is a lesson in all of this, about flossing and consequences, but I vastly prefer my lessons to come in the form of texts rather than in such direct instruction.

I watch a lot of cable news right now, even though in more "normal" times I lose patience with cable news shows. I'm also reading a great book about the Italian invasion phase of World War Two. War is such a ghastly business. Its tales nonetheless spark my interest.

I am excited that our 12 year old niece arrives by plane tonight. I am still trying to work out how she and I will spend Saturday morning.

I am also pleased that our dog Teddie, age 13, got a favorable vet's report. She had had a serious ear infection. We were sent home with medicine with which to treat her ears every day. I've been religiously putting the medicine in her ears each morning, despite the fact that she prefers not to have medicine squeezed into her ears. I could see that she seemed happier as time went on. Yesterday the vet expressed surprise at how the infection had completely cleared. My hope is that my medical situation begins to reflect response to the anti-biotics in the way our lhasa apso did.

In Los Angeles, Wall Street is the place where the Flower District is located. I am all for banks and insurance companies and exchanges, but there is something to be said for flowers right now.

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