Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

the calm after the storm

Growth, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

One day after we waited to see if a tropical storm might cause our fence to go to the wooden afterlife, called Smithereens, a gentle cheer and a cheerful sun won out. The cotton-candy pleasantness of the current weather contrasts with the hardship and tragedy just a few hundred miles t o our south.

After attending a religious service, I watched television and rested. I wrote a song voiced in my synthesizer by a sample from a simple wooden soprano recorder from my instruments box. I went to Erwin Park, and walked in the woods. I could have flown a kite.

I go to Pittsburgh tomorrow late afternoon for a very quick trip, leaving out against Tuesday evening. I downloaded free Creative Commons albums by Cagey House, Tanox, the Cosmic Jazz Project and Imago Meccano, and am downloading now an EP by Hepepe from Jamendo.

I boxed up books to give to Good Will. I wonder sometimes if I could not box up much of what I own and give it to charity That would be one way to reduce the clutter.

The moon peeks over the blinds, having pulled free of clouds, and faced the night.


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