Robert (gurdonark) wrote,


We went to the Heard Natural Science Center to take the monthly birdwatching walk. The guide, a fellow named Galen, brings just the right combination of intelligence, birdlore, modesty, quiet friendliness and an excellent spotting scope to the task. The overcast morning featured brisk breezes and drizzle, as the tropical storm was set to arrive later in the day. We nonetheless experienced a great time.

The red-headed woodpecker served as the highlight of the walk. He perched serenely on a pole-like young departed tree, about 15 feet above the ground. My wife gave me Sharp Audobon binoculars for my last birthday, which let us see him in full colorful glory.

I bought bottled water, as the weather forecast suggested a power outage might occur. No power outage took place, as the Dallas/Fort Worth area fared better than predicted in the wake of Hurricane Ike, which caused so much damage along the coast. I feel for the people who survived but suffered, and for the people who lost loved ones in the storm.

Tonight I remembered how much I enjoy roller skating. I imagined an outdoor roller skating trail through a deep woods on a warm Summer night. I imagined a night of Wurlitzers and birdsong. I love the chill in Autumn air, the sound of an organ and the whirr of the wheels.
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