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September Texas Sky, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

1. My dog's favorite toy is a small cloth porcupine.

2. A small female house sparrow at the feeder outside my office window
delighted me today, just by feeding so close to my line of vision.

3. I learned today that my second cousin who sings will soon have a song playing during a soap opera. I think it would be really cool to be
the atmosphere for a daytime drama.

4. I am old enough to remember being frightened by the campy daytime vampire soap "Dark Shadows".

5. I used to watch Jonny Quest religiously.

6. I'm thinking about viral transmission of music.

7. I love being able to reserve a cabin on-line.

8. Laser-like focus is a phrase i like.

9. I favor polite candor.

10. I'm more interested in the kind of courage and pluck that got the Apollo 13 astronauts home than the kind of courage and pluck that
by-passes diplomacy in favor of over-hasty "solutions".

11. Bankrupted by bills for health care? They changed the laws to make things harder on you. Bankrupted by executive greed and violation of the public trust? They changed the law to put into place a multi-billion dollar bailout.

12. The First World War resulted when too many promises were made by too many powers to defend too many neighbors, resulting in an inexorable chain reaction. What did we learn, millions of lives later?


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