Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

sounds and flowers

Yesterday my wife went on the train to meet up with tx_cronopio down at Bill's Record Store in Dallas, so that they could take in the free Texana music show that Bill sponsors each Saturday afternoon. I took the dogs for a walk around the park pond in lovely weather (Summer warmth with a hint of Autumn chill in the air). Then I pondered what to do with my day.

I decided to leave the car parked for the day, as a conservation gesture, and to walk down to a restaurant in the nearby grocery-shopping-center. It took me a half an hour to get there. I liked seeing the flowers in bloom in the various flower areas along the way. I ate a pleasant set of soft chicken tacos, and browsed in the camera shop and the educational children's toy store. I managed to confine my purchases to lithium batteries for my digicam, and then I walked towards home. On the way home, I stopped at Green Park, a little suburban park by an elementary school (and a fire station). I had brought a wooden mallet with a super-ball on its head and a simple voice recorder. I began to tap on the various metal things, recording the samples thereby created. I then walked home, and began making songs with the samples. I have written three thus far. I liked the energizing boost of doing something a little different. I stayed up rather late last night toying with a melody.

This morning I went to Max's Donut shop and bought a cinnamon roll. Then I headed to Allen Station Park to do a similar sample-recording process. I chose this park because I had done a similar process in 2005 which became the impetus for my Creative Commons album "Eeerie Exchange Prairie Park". I uploaded this album into the Internet Archive nearly 3 years ago. It has been downloaded 3,200 times by people, and gotten reviews and internet radio airplay. It was like revisiting the scene of the crime, although I know a lot more about creating electronic music now than I did in 2005.

After we attended religious services, we had sandwiches at Firehouse Subs. Then my wife went to run errands and visit the public library, while I settled in to nap. I also watched football on television. Then I went to
Erwin Park in McKinney. This park's raison d'etre is mountain bike single track, but I never bike there. I got there because it has woods and trails and wide open spaces and birdsong and loveliness and very few visitors after the morning cool has passed. I walked the open spaces, with my mp3 player set on shuffle (I love Henri Petterson's work, whenever it shuffles up to my notice), and took flowers of gorgeous yellow Autumn flowers.
Then I came home, to find to my delight that my wife had made us salmon with Yukon gold potatoes.

This was a quiet weekend, but a good one.

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