Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Governor Palin not discussed in this entry.

I've gone from reading science fiction to reading a medical examiner procedural murder mystery. I will never be a novelist, I'm relatively sure, but if I were one, I'd write little puzzle mysteries in which nobody gets hurt and the solution is like a kaleidoscope. I like logic procedurals better than police procedurals.

I'm micro-weblogging more at twitter and the cool new I do not find the quick tweets to be all that big an advantage, but I do like things like twitter user blocsonic who posts links to free CC music each day.
In a micro-setting, it's easy to click on the ones of interest and scroll by the others, because the posts are so small.

It sounds like the thing I did a soundtrack for is making progress. I'm eager to see the short in full film festival release. Time will tell.

It's one of those ironic things that any really bad hurricane means a nice and cooling rain for those of us in north Texas. Today's rain was not too sparse, not too heavy, but instead, thus far, just right. I love big skies of purple clouds.

I want to take a mallet to nearby bridges and metals and hunt for resonating tones. You can do a lot in this world with a simple mallet and hope.
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