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Dangerous Blues, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

Overhead, purple clouds floated in rows which came from the south and seemed to head towards Oklahoma--they reminded us of the hurricane's landfall, so far away.

When the afternoon drew to an end, I drove to Russell Creek Park in Plano. I wanted to see if the small pond there might prove suitable for a fishing trip in the future. The pond had too much algae for this purpose.

I did see a lot of interest me at the pond. I took pictures of coreopsis flowers, which were in their last stages of bloom. I later photo-morphed them into different colors. I saw a group of wood ducks, a lovely heron,a woodpecker, a mature rabbit, a number of mockingbirds, swallows, and red clay.

I hit an ashtray with a mallet, and turned it into a song. I don't smoke.
Neither does the song.

Saturday one of the very kindest women I knew (too slightly) in high school and her husband told us the story of how they came to have a daughter. They were in their early '40s, with neither a natural child nor an application to adopt. They were contacted by a friend, who had been contacted by a mother who wished to place a child for adoption.
They made the decision to adopt on the spot, with two months remaining in the pregnancy term to get ready. The entire situation proved unexpected, and fortunate, and fulfilling. Everyone's life is filled with interesting stories.


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