Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Craigslist can make me rich

The e-mail heading blares out at me that "Craigslist can make your rich", and I am richer already by the sheer inspiration of spam e-mail. Imagine--to be rich. To be able to run ads in an on-line pennysaver magazine such as Craig's List and be rich. To sell used golf clubs or used copies of "Think and Grow Rich" and to find a pot of gold at the end that any leprechaun might envy. I find that actual fortunes pale beyond the raw, sheer fortune of imagination. I can take a trip by daydream far more exotic than any trip I can take via airplane. I can wrap my mind around an intellectual discussion with a client and find myself more enrapt than a thousand million dollars.

I was thinking tonight in the kind of aphorisms in which I usually think. I am all-too-often a kind of self-talk endless self-platitude. One saying that came to me was how a trip is not its destination. The trip instead is the travel itself. This is not a new thought--it's not original to me. But it comforts me, a bit. From this idea I came to a different idea--the joy is in the journey ("de vreugde is in de reis"). I am not sure that I trust joy based on anything besides the thrill of living the next moment.

Then I thought how, despite how much I love Tolstoi, he had one thing wrong. All happy families are not the same. They're a wide spectrum of difference--what makes people happy is not perfection or even placidity. It's something more elusive--and yet available to most, if not all. I can't put my fingers around it, but I can see its reflection in the water when it passes.

This morning I remembered the music of Game Boys, the thrill of an idea written down 15 years ago, and the
joy of hot and sour soup. That will do for today--tomorrow other things will intervene instead.

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