Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

busy days and Mondays

It's such a miracle when Monday's over, particularly a busy, active Monday. I listen to songs and read in the news how much folks dread Monday, but the silicon chip inside my head never snaps quite that way. I worry less about things like the onset of Monday, and more about things like why my jewel case for the Duncan Sheik CD is here at work, but the CD itself is not in the case.
We watched the 9/11 special last night--it made an impression on me. There's too much to process, but incomplete but earnest procesing is good. It's like when I first went to the UK, a friend (wonder where Jim is now) said to me--try not to draw conclusions, try not to form answers, try not to make it conform to an idea of how it is. Just experience it, and let it happen, and leave the preconceptions behind.
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