Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

bikes and trampolines

Today the rain drenched my newspaper. The thrill of cooler weather and watered plants overshadows the frustration of not being able to read the paper. Last night I watched the part of the Beijing Olympics in which the medals for women's trampoline were decided. I like that the way that, prior to the competitive part, each trampoliner bounces high into the air, in a straight line. If my newspaper lacked that soaked characteristic, then I might read more about medals and trampolines.

When I was young, a trampoline seemed like a really fun idea. It was right up there with the kind of pogo stick that had springs in it, or the early mopeds, whose battery could be restored through pedaling. We never had a trampoline, nor stilts with springs, but we did have a modern moped for a while. I remember that the moped was pretty cool,but I do not really remember riding it very often.

I remember riding simpler things, like a bicycle with a banana seat and butterfly handlebars. Almost everything was within a mile's drive of our house, and traffic was never bad. My hope is that as fuel becomes more precious, then the push to build bike-only trails accelerates.

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