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Garland, Texas USA, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

The heat abated mildly, reaching that curious stage of the Summer when 90 degree weather seems "cooler". I'm reading Joan Slonczewski's sci fi novel "Brain Plague", which interests me.

I've been coping with admixed bouts of insomnia and sleepiness.
I am grateful that work keeps me awake and alive.

Today I noticed that the Subway sandwich shop replaced one of its special breads with a different kind of special bread. I am always intrigued by the menu choice changes at paint-by-numbers cafes.

I saw a photo on a friend's flickr page of a haunting beach horizon in Vlieland. I have had my Summer travel fun, though, so I will focus instead on the tasks at hand. Maybe I will wikipedia to figure out something about Vlieland. I have the same zeal for vicarious travel that in an earlier generation would have caused me to subscribe to National Geographic. Now that I think about it, perhaps I should subscribe still to National Geographic.


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