Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Lake Ray Hubbard, Garland, Texas USA

Today my brother, my sister, my sister's children, my wife and I gathered at my father's home in south Arkansas to celebrate my father's 75th birthday. It's good to have time together with loved ones. The day went smoothly. When my niece, my nephew and I walked around the property near my father's home, we saw lots of blue jays. I like blue jays because they are common yet lovely, because their call is a wonderfully obnoxious "jay! jay!" and because they always have the air of someone hoping to get to the fruit market in time to purchase the last persimmon of the season.

On the way home, we stopped in Garland's massive Bass Pro Shop, the chain store located on large Lake Ray Hubbard. This Bass Pro outlet is the only one which, in theory, allows one to test drive boats out the back way, though in fact I did not see this occur.

My wife enjoyed two recent guided fishing trips she took, leading her to want to get proper bass fishing equipment. My fishing is strictly of the low-cost, Shakespeare and Zebco variety, leading us to seek out a consultation with an expert. Our particular expert was a charming man who explained his products simply and with aplomb. Soon she had an elegantly light and responsive rod and a capable and attractive spinning reel. I am sticking with my Zebco. She will be ready for our next trip with the kind of outfit that lasts one for 20 years, while I continue to fish the kind of gear that lasts for 20 months.

We ate grilled walleye in the little fish cafe in the store, and enjoyed the view of Lake Ray Hubbard from the back patio of the store. I bought a kind of digital camera favored by hunters that only snaps shots when critters move nearby. I want to use this to create photos and perhaps video of birds at our feeder.

The time has slipped past 1:30 a.m., but I am still inwardly driving past lovely north Texas fields filled with cattle, horses, donkeys, egrets and signs for cold welds, cowboy churches and Hope watermelons.


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