Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Sam I

After work, I headed over to Bill's Record Store in Dallas. Bill's is a good bit smaller than it used to be, and it's more focused on Texana (and also eBay sales) than its earlier incarnation in a northern suburb, but it's still an old-time record store, with interesting things in the store. I keep meaning to get down to the store on a Saturday afternoon, when free live music of the Texana/roots/Americana brand is on tap weekly.

I like the way that record stores give rise to conversations one can have only in a record store, a book store of a public library. A fellow patron regaled me with tales of his avocation as a magician. I like it when people understand that a good story is a fine thing to share.

I spent the latter part of the evening remixing, as I found a spoken-word track for which I wished to create a melodic accompaniment. I'll use the melody in another project I'm finishing up now.

I'm really enjoying the Edgard Varese biography I'm reading. Complex lives have their own fascination.

My latest fantasy is less creative--to build a birdhouse from scrap lumber. I do not know that I will pursue this fantasy, but the idea of a home-made home made for birds appeals to me.

I keep seeing the "100 book" meme, and wanting to set up a parody which begins with "Green Eggs and Ham".
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