Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

On My Way Home

laruth suggested I do an "On My Way Home" photo display to the commute from office to my home. I gave it a go on July 4th, taking the "back way", which is more rural. I did not capture all the fundamental "suburb-ness" and "mini-mallness" of the commute, of which there is scads, but tried to show the "Texas-ness" instead.

Here is my law office, in a one-story building in Garland, Texas:

My Office

I cross the bridge over Duck Creek shortly before I get to work each day. On some days, there are herons. On other days, there are flash floods:

Duck Creek, Garland, Texas

This is Williams Chicken, right next to the Mi Super Mercado in Garland. Williams Chicken serves wonderful fried chicken:

Williams Chicken, Garland, Texas USA

They shot the television show "Dallas" at Southfork Ranch, which is on the way home:
Southfork Ranch, near Murphy, Texas

Allen is a tract home suburb filling in its open spaces, but a few such spaces remain:

Open field, Allen, Texas

In the Summer they cut hay with huge machines:
Hay bales near Exchange Parkway, Allen, Texas USA

I love the sight of coreopsis (Texas sunflowers) growing amid the cornfields, a five minute drive from my house. In a few years, this will all be office buildings:

Flowers in a cornfield, Allen, Texas USA

We live in a tract home neighborhood in Allen, a town of 50,000 or so, 25 miles north of Dallas. We like our neighborhood, Glendover Park, very much.

Our House on Landsford Drive, Allen, Texas USA

This is part of my life. I hope you enjoyed the visit!
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