Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

in absolutely no order of priority

My week this week is thus far:

1. being very productive at work in light of the four day week.
2. reading a fascinating Varese' biography.
3. looking forward to long hike Saturday.
4. getting some creative projects finished.
5. being impressed with some weblog writers and video makers.
6. pondering how to promote a more sharing culture.
7. paying off a traffic ticket on-line, including finding that the website doesn't read Mozilla very well.
8. joining, a new open source micro-blog service
9. watching youtubes and playing on-line chess.
10. walking my dogs beside the little park pond.
11. talking, as ever, with my wife about interesting things,
12. eating sushi.
13. seeing great promise in everyone and everything.
14. never losing myself in the kelp forest of excessive dependence on trust
15. thinking about buying an Alfred Jarry biography
16. reading about the invasion of Holland in 1940
17. dreaming of a quick mountain retreat in a couple of weeks.
18. thinking about lottery winning
19. enjoying flickr images.
20. enjoying our crape myrtle trees in bloom.
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