Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

off to the zoo

This morning I board the light rail with a friend at 7.30 in the morning for a trip to the Dallas Zoo. The train runs right up to a "Zoo" stop. I look forward to the traveling honeybee exhibit and the insects of all kinds.
I hope to take some interesting pictures. I hope the inmates of the zoo are well-treated.

The City of Dallas in its infinite wisdom threatens to close the local city aquarium. They find ways to budget in the most absurd kinds of projects, but neglect the chance to maintain a long-standing institution in a blighted neighborhood which serves a purpose of educating kids. After years of neglect, they will close it because it is outdated. This is the way that people assail public anything. Neglect it, under-fund it, and then proclaim it under-performing.

There's a dialogue that needs to be taking place in this country about priorities. I'd include the Dallas Aquarium in the local edition of that dialogue.

Today,though, I will take a young friend to the zoo, and put aside thoughts of closing institutions.
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