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points about points.

I've discovered Book Mooch lately; or, to be more precise, I've known of it for some time, but finally started using it. I heard a podcast interview with this fellow John Buckman, who runs Magnatune, my favorite on-line record label, which gives artists a good deal and gives the consumer Creative Commons try-before-you-buy samples, including a free song of the day. He started Bookmooch, and spoke about it, and now I'm trying it out.

Bookmooch works on a modified barter system. You make a book available, and someone asks you to ship it to them. You get a point.They spend a point. You can use your point to ask someone else to send you a book. Common sense.

I gave away a chess book on an opening I never play (Queen's Gambit Accepted). I do not want to spend the resulting "point" just yet. But what search term did I find the most interesting? Cactus, of course.
I would like to be like the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, with a huge library of succulent plant books.

We got a walk this evening--and now a storm is rolling in. I love Summer storms. They cool things down, when things otherwise might be very un-cool. I celebrated the lightning by going through my twitter account and "following" all sorts of worthy people I would enjoy reading about who had been following me that I did not really notice were following me. I am not all that big into twitter, but it's interesting.

Do you ever wonder about the subtle clues of your "Generation DNA"? Like this week, when to express that my flexibility on an issue has its limits, I said "But I'm not a complete Gumby on this one". Not quite a mark of Cain, but perhaps a generational gene. Also, I found myself saying "that yard totally deserves 'yard of the month'".

This fellow DeBussy, I am pained to report, was not always kind in his relationships.

I must line up our little July jaunt out of state soon, as the time draws near.

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