Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Things I acquired so far this week.

Four new tires. A new inspection sticker. A renewed appreciation for innovative thinking. A monologue-renewed desire to have less stuff. A sense of pride about cutting vehicle mileage by 15% in the last year--coupled with a sober realization that my mileage is still much higher than the average driver's. A fondness for a song by Cousin Silas on the new Earth Monkey compliation free download. An eerie fascination with a weblog by an open source pianist with whose work I was not previously familiar. 72 guitar picks. A picture of a 12 year old who just caught his first bass. A faint whiff of a skunk in the distance. a foot-long turkey sandwich (lettuce, salt, pepper, toasted, no sauces or cheese) from Subway.

A sober reading that two local recording studio folks in Garland were killed last week in a robbery that netted the assailants two dollars. Information about how St. John's Day is celebrated in Spain. Lottery tickets.
Low-fat granola. Four cans of food for the food bank basket. A good night's sleep.

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