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Today at lunch I took my car for its state inspection. I found out that two tires require replacing. I'd rather find this out during a state inspection than during a high-speed blowout, so I do not feel as if Fate has given me ill-use.

My new video friend from Spain sent me a short video to soundtrack for youtube. I enjoy writing little tunes in this modest way. I will come up with 24 seconds for her to add to the film, of two birds feeding.

I do not think of myself as a "salad" person, but today I went to the local Chinese buffet place and ate a massive dry salad with fruit and a bit of bacon bits. It was so good!

I'm enjoying a book of Glenn Tinder essays about searching for what is transcendant. The sense of wonder in life--so important. I am in awe about ice on Mars and "Life on Mars" and Mars bars.

While all the world is conspiring for resolution in increased megapixels, I wonder if it wouldn't be more fun if everything resolved in fewer.


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