Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Blue World

I like to walk in our nearby parks on the hottest days, as with today.
Other people show the common sense to stay indoors and watch sports. The net result is that I get to walk in the parks with very few other people.

Today the colors were vivid on the little ponds at Bethany Lakes Park.
Ducks with ducklings swam, giving me endless delight. The soundtrack was the plover-cry of the killdeer, as it flew away. Turtles broke the surface of the water and then submerged, while water bugs spun on their circular trajectories above the water.

The entire park is quite small-less than a half an hour's walk all around. There are few trees, a few have cypress knees and have a kind of youthful appeal. I like t o be able to sefl-entertain, without driving far, or spending a lot of money, or doing anything particularly amazing or grand.


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