Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Imagine a wave form

Today was a day of sound and vision, just like the Bowie song, yet not the same at all.

I'm puzzling two things.

1. If I had a mouse, and a little rectangle, and the ability to draw any sound wave that my little mouse and I can draw, then what should I draw? What rules could I apply to figure out without sonically "peeking" what shapes make what sounds?

2. Could I find a number of friends who would make phone posts or sound files
of a single long note of "ooooo", so that I could take each such "oooo" and write a song using only that "ooooo", with each song named for each contributor.

This is what I think and query. If I were a child, I would sign up for a summer library reading list. But I am an adult, so I think about sine waves and freehand waves--and "ooooo".

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