Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Cagey House: Soft Cover

I love the music of Cagey House. He's this fellow who works alone with this odd device called a computer in which he has hidden this mechanical orchestra who are organized into a curious soviet called a "software synthesizer". These tiny creatures, in their collectivist way, make an uncanny infectious form of music which zings along with a simple cheerfulness for 2 or 3 minutes at a glance, burbling happily without words with a simple joyousness that life all too often lacks these days. Cagey House songs are always filled with mixtures of melody, robotic joy, thinks, tinks and thuds and bolts and sockets, faux guitars playing over faux backing to a very real audience.

Today I began working with my new Ulead Video Editor program, which I purchased after Windows Movie Maker kept telling me it had to close, with less grace than a third-grader who forgot to ask permission to run down the hall in a matter of urgent personal exigency. I found myself playing with the freeware Pivot Stickfigure Animator, making little simple figures and animating them far too slowly. This became my video to "Soft Cover".
If you're in need of 2 minutes of simple good mood, then let's get all Cagey about it:

Music Video by Gurdonark: Cagey House: "Soft Cover" (2 minutes)

"Soft Cover is available for free download at Dog-Eared Records

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