Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

stray thoughts

Grocery-store sushi with edamame. Finishing a book on Reinhold Nieibuhr and being struck by the nature of choices--and their consequences. E-mails from fellow choir members about last weekend's reunion. Kinds words from a netlabel fellow. Long lists of things to do. Buying 5 lottery tickets as I have projects I would pursue if I won money in an unexpected and not particularly creditable way.

I want to learn Inkscape better. Seeing about tickets to a finger-picking guitar Grammy winner on Friday. A kestrel in light. Cute little girl next door trying to ride her bike without training wheels. Daydreaming about the Grand Prix Attack reversed. A moment of anxiety. The afternoon mail brought a hand-written letter of congratulations as to a recent small non-jury trial I won, from the attorney who referred me the business. I must remember to pay more attention to such heart-warming small things.

Bunnies everywhere--perhaps the housing development next door impacted the coyote population. A biography of DeBussy to read.
Charming cash register attending woman at the half-priced books--a moment of interconnection, a word spoken, a kind smile. Sometimes life is like throwing tarot, except that all the cards are from the 52 card deck, and also they are all face cards in hearts and diamonds.

Working on a dark, dissonant remix built upon a sample from a lap steel. Thinking about non-profits. Talking about sauerkraut in Alsace and, to swtich regions, the heroic people of Le-Chambon-sur-Lignon. Reading a Felix Adler quote. Thinking about forgiveness.


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