Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

good over nuisance

I find in life that many things billed as the end of the world are in fact minor nuisances. Among the minor nuisances in my life is to have my Windows Movie Maker program start crashing upon launch every time I pull it up. A similar thing is also happening with my Apex video converter, which I could otherwise use to convert the .mov source I am working from into mpeg or something else that my Muvee Auto Producer program can read, obviating my pressing need for Windows Movie Maker for my current project.

I figure this file corruption was brought to me courtesy of the winfax malware I picked up some weeks ago. I have nearly shaken the infection with endless batteries anti-spyware, a switch to Mozilla and prodigious use of the "end task" button when it began. Fighting spyware reminds me of a church hymn which goes "my life flows on, in endless song, above earth's lamentations....".

The Microsoft site was useful, but far too Vista oriented when I prefer XP and plan to prefer XP for a long-ish time. Having not gotten an easy refill of Windows Movie Maker, I instead downloaded the Windows Malicious Program software, and am now re-scanning my computer for malware.

In other news, a new friend from Spain sent me a bird video for ultimate youtube posting to which I am to add a soundtrack. See also minor nuisances set forth above.

In good news:

A. I got a new tail light for my car for free from the same folks who fixed my wife's car for pay;
B. I get to see my dad this weekend;
C. The ducks at our local pond have ducklings who are halfish-grown now;
D. I am reading a fascinating Niebuhr biography;
E. My mother's side of the family is having a reunion in three weeks;
F. I used to own a sky-blue leisure suit;
G. I have the joy down in my heart.

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