Robert (gurdonark) wrote,


Today I arose at 4:50 a.m. so that I could get to the office and then on for a day of a single work matter.
I'm in that post-hard-work haze that arises after particularly busy days. Euphoria, fatigue, spent adrenaline, Tuesday. On to another day, with an oblique lack of discussion.

I love to tackle delicious tasks: a friend asked me to write 7 seconds of music to soundtrack a video logo of a young girl's "first ride on a wave/surfboard". I did a first draft which owed a great deal to "Wipeout" and "Telstar", although, in point of fact, it sounded nothing like either song. The debt was spiritual only.

When the word came back "more surfer girl than wipeout", I switched tacks altogether, eschewed all Beach Boys/Jan and Dean and similar (sincerely) beloved beach blanket ratfinks, and just wrote a simple thing not far removed from an organ lullaby, and added to it the sound of kayaking a lake in Manitoba. The resulting "wavedream" pleases me. Perhaps all songs should be 7 seconds long. Then again, I clocked in at 8 seconds.

My quest for this week--to figure out an SVG program that plugs into the AOL half-browser.

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