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Today required me to work on an upcoming matter rather than enjoy a Memorial Day holiday. The drive to my office proved very pleasant, as most people spent their mornings engaged in pursuits other than coping with traffic. The time at the office required focus and work, but the silence of the telephone and the electronic mail systems enhanced the experience. I adjourned from work at 4:15, getting me home by 5:00. I must make a mental point of going home that early once in a while, work permitting, on "normal" days, as a kind of personal treat.

We ate at a chain not far from our home called Boston's---apparently a Canadian chain making its way south.
My baked salmon proved bland, with steamed vegetables uncongenial to my "just the broccoli, carrots, squash and zucchini, please" preference for steamed vegetables. Perhaps we'll try it again--but try the pizza next time. The waitstaff and the manager were very courteous, which can mitigate an otherwise humdrum experience. On the other hand, my wife's spaghetti bolognese had the consistency of marinara, which is fine, but not quite as ordered.

I do feel a sense of gratitude about people who sacrificed themselves for individual freedom and liberties in any of many modes and in services other than the obvious four. I take nothing from anyone on this day, but feel a sense of gratitude for what others established, to my benefit.

Tomorrow? A busy day.

Saturday? A guided prairie hike, perhaps.

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