Robert (gurdonark) wrote,


This evening my wife and I returned to Trinity Trail for another walk.
The weather was cooler than yesterday, but still nearly 90 degrees.
A cooling breeze washed over us.

As we walked by a field full of cedar trees and cowslip like tall flowers near bloom, I spotted a coyote amid the tall flower stalks.
My wife and I watched him, perhaps forty yards away, as he wandered, aware of us, but, in the way of coyotes, more cautious than afraid.

Moments later my wife stopped me to point out a huge hawk, flying from low on the ground about twenty yards ahead. We watched it
slowly gain altitude as it ranged over the ground.

We stopped to listen to birdsong--a mingled sound of a male singing and baby birds making baby bird noises. We could not see the bird. I did see a kestrel flying "way up high", floating in the currents of air.

I stopped us along the trail ,because a green garter snake was
lying mid-trail, frozen in hope that we would not notice him. When I got too eager with framing a camera shot, he crawled off, back into the woods nearby.

We finished the hike and headed to the Rockfish Grill, where we each dined on grilled flounder with roasted potatoes and steamed vegetables.

I finished half of "Ozma of Oz", a book I have not read in many years. I appreciate that the Oz books do not work to make the Ozverse plausible, scientific or even consistent. Things are because they are--the gentle satires are not all tied down, things happen or do not happen because things happen--or do not happen.

This was a day when I recieved a bit of worrying news about a matter
far away (and outside the scope of this journal). I was pleased to find solace in wildflowers and wildlife today.


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