Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

con brio

One goal of my eating regimen is weight maintenance. Yet I was pleased, rather than sad, that I gained one pound during the past two weeks, because out of town travel can be much less lightweight than the gain of a mere pound. I wish I could say that I exercised vigorously today, but in fact I did not do so. I am pleased, though, that the hot part of Spring has arrived, as although I am not a hothouse flower, I find that I thrive in warm weather.

I stopped by the Dollar Tree today, where unsupervised children were blowing on an orange tube called a Light Up Airblaster. I thought they deserved more parental oversight than they actually got, but
I did snap up one of the airblasters, recorded a sample of it onto my home computer, adding a nose flute sample, and various other samples, married it all with a spoken word meditation on the State of Virginia,
and posted the resulting mix here:

"Virginia's Blues" (sample attribution on link page). I like that the airblaster came out a bit like an organ.

Last night on the local classical station, a Dutch pianist did a wonderful version of the "Gymnopedies" pieces, eschewing the cinema-speed-up which can occur with the pieces to render instead a fragile, slow version I found charming. People who think that Brian Eno invented ambient music have not heard Satie.

My wife arrived home from DC today, which made me happy. We went for an early dinner at Brio, an Italian midscale chain which did a very decent chicken for me, and a capable fish for my wife. She has the day off tomorrow, but I have the day on tomorrow.

I am pleased that butterflies are abundant now. Perhaps next weekend I will get to hike Trinity Trail.
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