Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

big picnic

Today we drove to Flower Mound for the Big Picnic. Hundreds of participants in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters programs, both big and little, attended the event at the Circle R ranch. The wooden maze was interesting--although the score to beat was 4 minutes, it took us 28 minutes.

We dined on hot dogs, and were given free visors that said "Fierce". We pitched horse shoes inexpertly. My little brother expertly climbed one of those rock-climbing walls.

We headed over to nearby Lewisville Lake. Westlake Park had a little walking trail to the shore fishing which passed by thistle and showy evening primrose in bloom. A great egret fished on the shore not far from where we were fishing. The only bite I got managed to pull off my hook. We tried another spot at another part of the park, and then called it a day.

We then went to his home, where we played can-jo music. I taught him how to play "She's Lost Control", while he taught me how to play "Ode to Joy". We also played Zelda and the Ocarina of Time, in which game I am receiving a kind of tutorial.

I slept most of the afternoon, and then spent the evening doing some hobby things. It's been a tiring and yet good day.

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