Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

jaunty juxtapose

This morning I began work on a new song to accompany a really cool spoken word sample. Although the spoken word sample is on the "darker" side, the melody is rather jaunty, so tonight I'm leavening things out with
samples which cut against the jaunty grain.

I also spent time creating a credits list for a short film I've soundtracked. The problem with using 30 samples in a remix is that one must attribute to 30 artists.

I'm excited about an incentive to write some new creative material for a poetry contest, as well. It's not so important the pretext to create--it's important to have a pretext and pretend it matters. It's all in the plot and the plan.

We had dinner tonight at Ralph & Kacoo's, a Lousiana-style chain that capably grills catfish. Perhaps tomorrow raisin bran will spontaneously reappear in our cupboard--or perhaps I will go to the store and get some more.
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