Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

1 out of 665,000

I love the way that coincidence reinforces one's sense of being a character in a play in which only 3 actors play all the parts. On Monday, I was on the 28X bus, heading from downtown Pittsburgh to the airport, when I noticed a woman get on the bus. She was the same Rumanian lawyer living in Luxembourg
whom I had met at a bus stop in an entirely different neighborhood two nights previously, heading off to catch her flight home. She did not recognize me at first, because I look slightly different in my everyday Saturday clothes, wearing a baseball cap, than I look in a business suit. I reminded her who I was, and she filled me in on what it is like to hunt for a job as a newly-qualified lawyer in Paris, working from internship to internship and what it is like to practice law in Luxembourg. She said she could only form a vague impression about what she had seen on her trip, but she could not help but notice the gap between rich and poor. I assured her that we worry about that here, too.

When I arrived at the airport, I wished her a good flight home, and moved on to the check-in lines. The lines were filled with young chess champions, bearing trophies from the national schoolchildren's championship that Pittsburgh had hosted that weekend. There's something fun about 4 foot tall people carrying three foot tall trophies.

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