Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

eerie free stringed harp jazz for red-winged birds

I was pleased today to learn that the Great Friday Night Excess Tortilla Chip Incident did not cause me to gain weight--even if my weight loss for the week was only two tenths of a pound. I took two walks today--one with rather slow-paced but lovable dogs, and one with my wife. Today was ideal fishing weather--but, in the way of fishing, I went fishing on yesterday, not today.

When I pulled into my driveway this afternoon, a red-winged blackbird was at our feeder. I love those birds.
The bird guide says that Texas can have the yellow-headed blackbird as well--a truly wonderful-looking bird.
I have only seen them in Manitoba, though--never in Texas. I did enjoy the cardinals singing during the walk my wife and I took in our neighborhood.

I notice that my statistics are already reflecting the positive impact of the latest bit of hobby good news--that the wonderful netlabel Webbed Hand put my "Ninth Can-jo Meditation" on their new "Stringed Ambient" collection available for free download here,
Webbed Hand is a great netlabel, and it was fun to create the song, using only a can-jo to which I applied effects.

When I was over at the Internet Archive, I noticed that my earlier upload there, "Eerie Exchange Prairie Park", has now crossed the 3,000 downloads milestone. This is modest compared to some releases, but it exceeds my ambitions for this primitive collection.

What I do now is sometimes quite different from Eerie Exchange Prairie Park. Last night I used a sample from Dr. Charyl Ann Fulton's Welsh harp playing "Ash Grove" to cteate a kind of loose, free-jazz-ish bit of electronica. It's not really jazz, it's not even nu-jazz, but I had fun making it. It's available for Creative Commons free download here. I loved that moment when I realized that the harp sample could be converted into a loose, hopping keyboard sound.

I have a busy three days ahead, because my business trip Wednesday night looms. I will use the work time wisely.

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